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It is an unique experience to play krunkerio online unblocked at the school against hundreds of players connected from all around the world. However you may not enjoy it the way you imagined if you do not know how to play it and how to control your player. For that reason, it is always helpful to make several practices before you join the battle. This will help you take the control over the game hence it will bring you the success against your enemies.

How to play ?

When you spawned, you will have a standard weapon in your hand. In order to move your player across the game arena, you will need to use ASDW keys. In order to fire your weapon and shoot enemies, you should perform left-clicks. You can switch between weapons by either pressing the E key or using the mouse wheel. In order to jump press the space key and press the shift key to crouch. To take aim at enemies, press the C key or perform a right-click.